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1xBet does not charge customers for betting tax. The tax is borne solely by Russian bookmakers, ie they paid out of their own sales and by clients.


This model is very rare in other servers. The reason may lie in the fact, that most 1xBet customers in Russia are registered and few of them bet. The cost of the city are very wearable. But what does this mean for betting enthusiasts from Germany?


  • For German customers there is no betting tax
  • Live streaming in HD is available
  • High betting limits include a good chance
  • Customer service around the clock

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For Germany, there is no betting tax on 1xBet

Some bookmakers pay only different bets a betting tax, For example, for large multi-bet or live betting. However, it is very rare, that bookmakers are taking all taxes.

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A tax of 5% for every sports bet was on 1. July 2012 introduced in Germany and applies to all players, living in Germany and register. Initially, some bookmakers took over the betting tax. However, it has quickly become very expensive out.


1xBet is not well known in Germany, although the range of operations is very large and wide. Betting achieve the highest sales with registered customers in Russia. He has gained a lot by many betting shops in Russia. Some of its registered customers in Germany 1xBet assumes the Betting Duty.

How to avoid the betting tax on 1xBet?

Since 1xBet paid the betting tax itself and is not dependent on profits or inserts, You must avoid taxes. The loss of the Betting Duty is here with betting and not connected with customers. You have to try not half legal or illegal tricks, to deal with taxes, without risks and dangers.


1xBet compared to other bookies

Why calculate the most sports betting company 5%, but not 1xBet? In the year 2012 was generally introduced a fixed tax on sports betting and betting in Germany. this means, that any bet, which is made in Germany, a tax of 5% subject.

If no taxes are paid, the bookmakers working illegally. In Austria and Switzerland there is no betting tax. In the country, where the bet is placed, it does not matter. It seems, that only in the country, where the registered customer enters the bet.

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If the operator continues to race control to the customer, become 5% asked the customer's income into account. This is useful for bookmakers, where losing customers.

This policy was followed by most bookies. The alternative is, that bookmakers do not forward tax, but pay yourself. So it makes 1xBet. In this case, the customer will be better and the dealer must pay.

The effect of the betting tax on the bets of 1xBet is explained by an example


An example should make it clear, the extent to 1xBet in dealing with betting taxes of other bookmakers different. The advantage here lies clearly with the customer. 10 € bet is on the output rate 10 set. If the customer wins, he gains 10 x 10 €.

This is a gross profit of 130 €. Some bookmakers expect betting tax 5%. For customers, this does not mean 10 €, in the end only 9,50 € required. The winning percentage is 95,00 €. Other operators charge taxes on profits. In this case remain 10 €, except that winning with 5% is charged. Instead of 130 to win €, attract customers only 95,00 €. The result is at the end of the same.


1xBet takes full control, it is both the use and the profit will be charged. If the customer so 10 € with a rate of 10 puts, he gains 130 €. Nothing is lost.

Full benefits are attributed to the customer. The tax amounts 5%, in this case 5 €, where 1xBet paid free and the German tax office. For small bets that does not make much difference for customers. If the customer but 10.000 Euro gains and 500 can save euro, this has made a big difference. The 1xBet-bookmaking is therefore for German customers, particularly for risk-takers, very attractive.


Do you need to report your sports betting profits to the tax office and control again?

As already mentioned, There are few sports betting company, take over the betting tax. However, there are many operators, advertise for, that no taxes can be deducted from them.


However, in the terms and conditions you can read short, that the tax must be paid by the customer, this means, the customer must report them to the tax office. This is by 1xBet NOT the case. Taxes are paid, without the customer must take care of it.

Questions to 1xBet wagering control
If the betting tax levied on betting or prices?

1xBet betting tax inserts not on bets or winnings. Taxes are paid separately from bookmakers and do not affect the betting and / or profits from their customers.

What's the betting tax on 1xBet?

The betting tax is legal 5%. However, it is paid for by 1xBet and the customer receives none of it.

Can someone reduce the betting tax?

No, You can not sell betting tax.



Pays 1xBet also betting taxes abroad?

In most countries of the European Union there is no betting commitments. In countrys, where this has to be paid, this contributes 1xBet.

May refuse someone, to pay 1xBet a betting tax?


Tax bets are paid directly by 1xBet to the German tax office. The customer does not lose anything in profits and has no effect on the taxation. Rejection of a betting tax is not possible.