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1xbet Bonus 100% up to € 130 + 300 EXCLUSIVE bonus points!


In this article, let's look more closely the current 1xbet offer and its conditions. This bet is famous for its excellent opportunities, which show the majority of sports betting provider. In addition to outstanding payments of the bookmaker is also a welcome gift in this program. Betting offer 100% sensational new customers

Welcome Bonus

So they come to 1xbet Bonus


1. In the first step, it is necessary, to open a new betting account at 1xbet.

2. Enter the code WF130

3. Second, you must have at least 1 € deposit, To make use of this offer.

4. After you receive the amount, the conditions set out must be brought within 30 Days to be fully met. Only payments can be made, Here are some points - see above - note.

1xBet offer in %

1xbet convinces with a high-quality welcome offer in the amount of 100% - the value of your first deposit to the new betting account will double. If you opt for an amount of 50 € decide, a deposit of the same amount is required. Total border € 130 in your betting account.

The maximum bonus amount is 1xbet

Promotional code: 1x_107498
Bonus: 200%

In order to take the maximum number of 1xbet welcome offers in claim, is a deposit of € 130 required. Normally, the maximum use of the holder $ 100, but with exclusive bonuses you can easily more $ 30 receive.

What to consider when 1xBet bonuses?

IMPORTANT: The 1xbet credit must be deleted, before it can be paid. This property as follows: The betting credit is in "Real Money Butts" and "Bonusgeldkonten" divided. In 1xbet the conditions can be met only, when bets are placed with credit.


If you have fully meets the sales requirements, is the amount credited to your "Real Money Konto" transfer. Remember, that this number will be NEVER higher, as you received from bookmakers. (= First deposit value).

this means, that you gain the, you have achieved with the bonus money bet, to lose! The maximum gain allowed the value of 130 not exceed EUR. So the goal is only, "not to play". Moreover, it is not permissible, make a payout, if the account balance is below the amount credited!

Easily explained: How does the new 1xbet customers offer?

The facts with the 1xbet welcome offering provide new customers with a new impression: With this offer, new users can access a bonus of 100% quality free up to a maximum of 130 € (not as usual 130 €) waiting - two very high scores. excluding 30 € deposit, you can secure with the WF130 Code. Your first deposit on a newly opened 1xbet betting account from


Dealer doubled with this offer. this means, that a maximum bet of 260 can win €, if your first deposit a minimum of 130 € achieved. You will also receive 300 Bonus points.

Now to the sales conditions, that must be met, so that credit can be paid: In 1xbet the amount credited 5x need with a minimum number of 1,40 being transformed. There are just betting (also called Akkumulatorwetten) With 3 or more tips.

For at least 3 the tips in a combined bet have the odds at least 1,40 be. To apply, the city's total 30 Days from the registration.

minimum deposit


The 1xbet welcome bonus may start from a minimum of 1 € are claimed. If you actually select that amount, is your betting account 2 €.

minimum turnover

To withdraw your winnings as real money, You need the credit 5x the battery bet Convert. If you leave everything and a maximum of 130 to receive €, You need a sports bet of 130 placing €. Remember: To meet the requirements, Only bets with bonus money will be used.

What are the conditions?


They are, as always confused by certain conditions of sale, that must be met, so that the payment is possible. On closer inspection, this criterion is more complicated than previously thought.

To avoid surprises in the conversion of bonus money into real money, We recommend you, read the policy carefully and to internalize the section above: "What should be considered at a 1x-payment?" Then we want to look more closely any new customer data.

Minimum level required


In 1xbet the minimum level is very low: This is just 1,40. But here too, the details must be observed: Since only multi-bets, from 3 consist or more tips, contribute to the implementation of the conditions, the minimum rate does not apply to all betting slips, but per Tip! A total must be at least 3 Tips in a combined bet a minimum chance 1,40 (or higher) to have.



Overall, you get 1x 30 Days after registration - NOT from balances -, to clear the bonus amount or otherwise satisfy all the requirements. If this does not work within the time limit, you should say goodbye to additional credits.

1xBet Restriction on the type of bet

As already mentioned several times, wear single bets not contribute to the implementation of the 1xbet condition. It can only be combined bets in the number of 3 be used or more tips.

Limitations of Payment Methods

1xbet does not set the limits of the deposit method established in the conditions. From experience we recommend, however,, to make any transfers via Skrill or Neteller on your first deposit if possible. After that, this payment method is, of course, thoroughly recommended.


The exclusive 1xbet offer directed to all new customers, the their primary residence in Germany, have Austria or Switzerland.

Our Bonus Review: How did this happen?


1xbet offers on- and disadvantages compared to similar offers welcome. First of all pluses: Naturally, that new customers double the deposit amount of the betting company - Finally, it is to be 100%.

Of course, the very high maximum is noteworthy: 130 € absolutely unnatural - We have a very generous credit betting. Now for the points, which we believe are in need of improvement: First, the limit for joint operations must be mentioned: Although the minimum rate of 1,40 is very low at first glance - considering, that at least 3-combo bets for the "actual" Minimum quota must be set 5.38


This of course makes the application of conditions much riskier. On the other hand it will sue, that new customers only option, the amount "free to play" can and achieve extra profit with the help of bonus money!

After the transaction requirements are met, the maximum value of the amount obtained can be converted into real money - all winnings will be void. Furthermore contribute 1xbet only bets on with credits to, to meet the requirements.

If after the 30-day period of the status of real-money account is lower than the "Bonusgeldkonto", the dealer refuses payment. New customers must therefore decide, whether the pre- or disadvantages are greater than this cheap offer.


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