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1xbet German – 1xbet German Experience & Tests – Login, opportunities, Betting offers and Limits


In 1xBet is a bet for online betting on the Internet, whose roots are Russian. These online betting has more than 1000 Betting shops in Russia. Thus the Russian giant can prove his experience.

Whether this will translate well to the international business of online betting and such offers from bookmakers compared to local market leaders can be cut, I would like to elaborate on.

Welcome Bonus

The most important information about 1xbet at a glance

Large betting offers bonus, if you lose your bet to Russian and Russian players, specializing in Paypal

Betting offer and registration with 1xbet


You do not feel welcome, for the first time when you visit the betting site for online betting. This is due to design. The available for betting page elements on the Internet are all different age and older. There is no animation, no interactive fields. Only left, that look naked.

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Bonus: 200%

Most of it is pretty small and tightly bound, leaving a bad impression on a smaller screen. However, this minimalist site has advantages. Websites are normally loaded very quickly even with a weak Internet connection and are readily available. When registering as a new customer became clear for the first time, that 1xBet was a bookmaker, who had a fairly new idea.

There are three different input options. The classic form method appears to other suppliers calmly and without significant deviation. However, it is also possible, to take on social networks. And unlike other bookmakers for sports betting on the Internet, there are not only Facebook, but also Google Plus and two other networks. However, it may be common only in Russia.


New is the third method, the registration in a minute promises. Here, only phone numbers, Passwords and currencies indicated. Everything else is done by a call from Support. In tests that works well. Finally 1xBet can thus secure the first bonus points for innovation in sports betting tests.

1xbet Bonusangebot

The question of the bonuses can be clearly answered. New customers will receive a bonus of 100 Percent on their first deposit. The betting account will be maximum 130 euro credited. If you, for example, $ 100 deposit, You can directly with a credit of $ 200 to start. Before the payment is made, It's like betting, regardless of the conditions of sale.


In 1xBet this is relatively moderate. There must only be three times the bonus amount converted. The catch is, that are considered in free games only combined bets. At least three options with a single rate of 1,40 to have. With three betting on favorites, the conditions can be well met. Fortunately, there is no time limit.

There are also very attractive bonuses for existing customers. Two examples are actions, the reward as 1xRace for daily free bets, and the possibility, in a series of 20 betting, in the 30 Days at a minimum bet of $ 2 were lost, a $ 100 obtain defeat.


In particular, the last action can be used by intrepid and deliberately false tips good enough, that with $ 40 in setting $ 100 can reach. Unless, there is an unexpected victory of an outsider. Since rates of more than 3,00 are not permitted, should at least be expected that risk.

Online betting offer - how good 1xBet


Of course, the core competence of bookmakers on the internet can be a bonus or page layout. To some extent this is for really enthusiastic bettors no problem. only bets are offered and the number of opportunities is calculated. In various betting services 1xBet can still be rated slightly above average.

With the number of possible tips for a game 1xBet is even far ahead. There are a number of bookmakers on the Internet, give similar detailed tips.

about 300 Tips for a game in the Bundesliga football betting allow new levels of. Otherwise, you can say, that the choice of betting is rather average, however, there are a number of smaller assets in the field of special bets and the

Entertainment betting, otherwise not qualify as betting in this country. And because customers, seek for such bets, often looking for a change, this is in their view, a clear plus.

Opportunity- and limit betting on 1xbet

To evaluate the opportunities in direct comparison, I naturally used football betting, in the 1. Bundesliga are widespread. Here is 1xBet compared with Bet365 far forward. However, this also applies to comparisons with Tipico, which are more suitable here, since Tipico is strongly represented by the stationary betting shop.

Live betting and streaming on 1xbet

What is surprising in 1xBet in this very positive test, is the live betting. Although the picture at the top of at first glance seems a little confusing, is this just because, that more detail than most other vendors are quickly visible.


There, where changes in sampling rates- and note options appear, there is almost unknown portals. Obviously better and clearer than regular betting betting on upcoming events, dominated here, is a good overview.

Therefore, the direct betting is definitely recommended to 1xBet, although I expect this is not always in front of my test. interesting and, at least in this detailed form, which is otherwise hardly supported by bookies, is a lot of advertising.

This allows you to live betting in up to 4 place to play in a window next to each other and follow the game or bet. While other providers of online betting are updated sometimes directly in the overview, but are then limited to win bets.

1XBET coupon

You can bet up to four events in parallel for each offered through an open live betting opportunities. This possibility is interesting, for example, as a football conference for betting fans.

1xBet Mobile Wette

Betting offers three free mobile applications for iOS, Android und Windows Phone an. This is based on operations on classical sites. So the changes are not too difficult. The mobile application is print, fortunately, in German language and can with very simple operations.


Additional services and extras at 1xbet

With its own menu tab for financial bets 1xBet offers a version of its own virtual game with allegations of certain realism. TV games are supported by real video footage, that can be tracked in the stream.

Also, 1xBet has here, at least in terms of presentation, a nose ahead of its rivals with animated games. Online casinos are also offered. This basically works properly, but is not the best of its kind.


Russian roots, apparently do not match the copy of the protected sign, can be seen again significantly in the slot. In Germany, the classic folk machines are very clearly copied here. From the perspective of the copyright holder, of course, a small disturbance, great but for the player. Where else you can classics such as the Book of Ra or the Dolphins Pearl Play in bookies, even if they are referred to herein as something else?

Moreover 1xBet knew, that the players searched for interference, with many other small services such as Toto and Co. All compute and describe may even go beyond the frame. My favorite here is clearly the way, to play backgammon tournaments. What is particularly striking in view of the huge supply, is the lack of a poker offer at 1xBet.

Test results for 6/10 Customer Support


With a surprising performance of 1xBet. If you are not biased, because the bookmakers in Russia is located, You can test it with a clear conscience.

I would not guarantee, that Russia's location has given the political situation weaknesses. Those, who assess the risk as too high, may be wrong. This is more of an opportunity than a real threat.

As a gift for the brave you a perfect package of different offers, some of which are implemented quite innovative. Even the best opportunities can be planned with this provider. Only the design of the 1xBet page shows the weakness of my feelings.


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