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1XBET coupon 2020 – Bonus


1xBet is a Russian city, the 2007 Founded. since 2011 the city is also represented online and has become a reputable supplier in this industry since. Now get your coupon code of 1xBet! Betting run with betting licenses from Curacao and report to Tech Infusion Ltd company from Gibraltar. 1xBet is one of the fastest growing bookmaker, thus making your voucher code in the right place is.

Welcome Bonus

In recent years, Russian Bookie has developed the Internet's leading sports betting company, is gaining popularity due to various factors. These include a fully competitive betting opportunities, naturally attract many customers, the very attractive promotional code of 1xBet and the different sports, the 1xBet offers.


With a 1xBet coupon code, you can enjoy every day hundreds of live streams. This website is available in more than 40 Languages ​​available, including German

Promotional code: 1x_107498
Bonus: 200%

This distinguishes the Russian bookmaker from the competition in the industry. In addition, this Russian city is one of the first, Bitcoin as payment. With few exceptions, accepted 1xBet users from almost every country in the world. These are just some of the advantages 1xBet coupon codes for potential users Russian city.


After the seriousness of the bookies is clarified, arise immediately questions about new customer bonuses. Because today there is almost no great incentive, as generous bonus for the first deposit. What about here with 1xBet?

1XBET coupon

Very well - that was expected. Because with a voucher code 1xBet new customers will receive a 100% weight loss of deposit. How does it work?

After the new registration and input some personal information you make your first deposit. If you, for example, 20 Euro received, You get more immediately 20 Euro on the betting account. The maximum amount at 1xBet 130 Euro. So if you 130 pay euro, receive more 130 Bonus points. So you can use 200 euro start. Not bad, right?

In order to receive bonuses and profits, do you have to, like most other bookmakers, meet a number of requirements Bonus. If you submit a first disbursement, ie before you meet this requirement, forfeit not only the bonus, but also the advantages achieved. Therefore, you must think again, before you ask for a early withdrawal.

But what bonus conditions you must meet? Easy:


  • minimum turnover: 3
  • minimum level: 1,40
  • bet: Combi
  • Period: none

Overall, you need to apply the 1xBet bonus, which will be awarded at least three times. So if you have a bonus of 50 Euro received, have a total 150 This bonus will be placed in the form of a bet EUR.


However, the peculiarity of this bookmaker is, not help that individual bets to meet the bonus requirements. Instead, only bets with at least 3 options combined. In addition, only a single rate of at least 1,40 be used for this purpose. This is again very generous. The industry average is around here at 2,00, However, for individual bets.

However, if you made it, it is a breeze, to meet the bonus requirements. It should be particularly emphasized, that there is no deadline for the fulfillment of 1xBet bonus condition is set. In this way you can take a long time, to achieve the bonus condition and pay out the total amount. The so-called "Low Roller" here have very good opportunities.


But what about existing customers? Is there a bonus here- or Special? Again, the question can be answered unambiguously. There are even two different actions, are executed continuously:

If you bet every day, receive a bonus free bet, which can be used in certain horse racing. However, this changes continue, Therefore, you must read the bonus conditions on the 1xBet Site, to be exact.

The second action requires a bit more risk. For 1xBet in a series of 20 betting, in the 30 Days were lost, up to 130 to win Euro as a bonus. The maximum rate is here, however, 3,00 per bet, whereby a so-called "Outside winner victory" is possible.


Both are very attractive bonuses, which can be useful for low and high rollers.


In today's era of mobile phones, it is of course more important, that a mobile version of the platform is offered themselves. The users want to check the results increasingly, Place bets or deposits and withdrawals from their smartphone or tablet can make, even if they are traveling. Here a potential 1xBet user must install a number of known losses.


Russian Bookie offers a mobile version of its website, the automatically adapts to the appearance of smaller tablets and smartphones as well as downloadable applications.

If you only want to use the Mobile Version, You have to do is: The 1xBet site automatically detects, when the mobile device is accessing it,, and immediately adjusts the screen. The mobile version is just like a desktop page, all functions are available.

In this way you can not only make bets, but also manage your user data, make deposits and withdrawals and contact the customer service.

1XBET coupon

If you prefer applications, which can be downloaded, You can get them in two different ways:

In the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store You can search "1xBet" search and find the application.

On the desktop page calls 1xBet a clearly visible link to, downloads directly to mobile devices triggers.

In addition, this application is based on the original design and design of 1xBet. This way you do not have to change in size and need to find your way immediately. Here, too, all the features are available, which are also known from normal websites.

1XBET coupon

Another advantage is, that you can enter as usual with existing user data. You do not need to re-register and save time.

The big drawback is, that parts of the mobile version, and applications are only available in Russian. This not only makes a dubious impression, but you sometimes have great difficulty, their way. This is a very big problem and must be resolved as soon as possible from 1xBet.




Other selection criteria are, of course, the number and variety of games, that you can bet. Here 1xBet is very well positioned. But the different bets, which can be placed in one game, are very impressive at 1xBet.

Because on 300 different ways to bet on a game or a race. This includes, for example,, whether the team wins or not, how many goals will be scored in football games, how high the goal difference is, etc.. In more than 300 various scenarios are 1xBet customers clearly not boring.

But what about different sports? Let's start with King Football. Beautiful game fans will get their money's worth. Of course, the most popular leagues are represented in 1xBet.


These include the 1. and 2. Bundesliga, the Spanish Primera Liga and the English Premier League. The Serie A from Italy can be ordered with a 1xBet coupon code. But almost everyone else has Bookie these games on offer.

For this reason, the Russian Bookie scores with more games. In the area of ​​German football For example, games to the top leagues. Even in the English Premier League, you can choose between 6 different leagues.


Even in games from abroad 1xBet is not in vain. Even games from the South American, Mexican, Asian and Australian League can be found here.


In addition to the normal betting program it is currently very important, you bet directly and have live streaming. Of course, it is not surprising, Russia has expanded its portfolio.


In Live Betting 1xBet users have many options. Especially with tennis bookies have customers always different Live Betting. This is another completely different sensation number, and you have to be quick:

Because changing the ways in direct mode, Of course every second. In other sports, especially in football, You have, of course, on the weekend the largest selection. Because here, most European football matches take place.

Compared with other books of 1xBet score is very good here. Due to the detailed table, that you can call during the live betting, she is very well structured. The description of a sample table like you, the search for the rest of the industry, is futile usually. to bet here, Russia has done a good job.


Another feature is the ability, up to 4 to open simultaneous games at once and run simultaneously. This eliminates the time-consuming back and forth and you have all the bets, you have placed directly.

But what about live streaming? It offers its users also 1xBet. In the form of a direct ticker course you can pursue almost any live game. But the video stream is of course available. The following are the most popular football- and tennis Games, as well as horse racing are available.

1xИet livewetten - 1XBET PAYMENT METHOD


First mentioned: The choice of payment methods for deposits is really impressive at 1xBet. For German customers a total 12 different methods of payment to choose from.

Credit card: In 1xBet payments with MasterCard and Visa are possible. The deposit amount is immediately credited to the user account, so there is no time lag occurs. The minimum amount payable is only 1 Euro. There is no

applicable fee of 1xBet.


Giropay / Sofortüberweisung: Here, too, deposits are credited immediately, You do not have to wait forever to the betting credits. Again, there are no fees from bookmakers. The minimum amount is again only 1 Euro.

ecopayz: This is a virtual prepaid card. This is used like a regular credit card. Also in book money transfers there is no time delay, no fees will be charged. The minimum amount payable is 10 Euro.

Skrill: This e-wallet is becoming increasingly popular and can be compared with PayPal. You must first open an account and then you can make a deposit at 1xBet. Simply enter the email address and the amount to deposit used. Balance is coming soon and there are no fees. The minimum amount for deposits is here 10 Euro.


Bitcoin / Litecoin / Steam: A real surprise is this opportunity. Until now, Germany had no Bookie, in which you can deposit with crypto currencies. With

1xBet this is even 3 Crypto currencies possible: with Bitcoin-, Litecoin- Steam and currencies, which are not so popular. All you need is a crypto-wallet and to send the desired amount to 1xBet. Usually it takes a few seconds to an hour, until the coin arrives in the city and is credited. Here, too, no fee and no minimum.

In addition to this payment, there are various other methods, as traditional bank transfers or check deposits. However, this is the customer



Payments are more important than anything else for most betting platform users. Of course, you want to quickly make a profit. But what 1xBet? What is the payment method, how long does it take, until money is available on your own account, and there are other things, to be considered?

First, it should be noted, that are paid at 1xBet as with all other bookies in the industry in general payments with the, what was paid. For this reason, you should consider prior to depositing, at which payment method you wish to withdraw the profit later. The following payment methods are currently available at 1xBet available:


Credit card: Payment here is by Visa or Mastercard. There are no fees, but usually it takes two to five business days, until the money is received on a credit card account.

Skrill: It takes only a few seconds or a few minutes, until you are satisfied with your winnings and are in your own wallet. This method is the fastest method. There is no charge levied by 1xBet.

Bitcoin / Litecoin / Steam: Of course, you can make not only deposits, but also make profit payments on 1xBet with crypto currencies. Enter your own wallet address in the appropriate field and 1xBet sends the selected amount in the form of coins. Again, it takes a few seconds to a few hours, until the money in the wallet arrives.


In summary it can be said, that the quickest and probably the safest option is payment via Skrill. It will not enter sensitive data such as credit card payments. In addition, deposits and withdrawals are completed in a few minutes.

A good alternative is to deposit or withdrawal through Bitcoin, represent Litecoin or Steam. You should check, however, always, whether the address entered is really correct, since the digitizer can make money in the width of the lost Crypto World Fast. There is no possibility, to get the money back here. In addition, the prices change every second, thereby leading to loss of value, but can also cause loss of value.


is positive, that 1xBet regardless of the payment method, of course, no fee rises. However, it must always be checked, whether the selected payment service costs. To avoid unpleasant surprises.


If you get in touch with a question or a problem, it is obviously important, that you contact quickly and easily to customer service. But what about the 1xBet Russian Bookie?



Unfortunately provides 1xBet German customers currently have few options, to achieve their service staff. As long as you are fluent in English, you have the choice, via direct chat, the telephone hotline or contact by e-mail. In German, the selection is limited to traditional e-mail and direct chat.

Email: Answering the question takes between 1-5 working days. So you have to take your time here. However, urgent questions are not suitable for this contact channel.

Livechat: This is the recommended option. Although the staff of 1xBet customers are not always available here, they do so during normal business hours. If you have any questions here, You usually get answers within minutes.

The 1xBet customer service is still very desirable


The first question, who face potential bookmaker: The city is a well-respected sports betting company? This can be clearly answered on 1xBet.


Because Russian Bookie working with a known betting license from Curacao, where you have to fulfill some strict requirements, in order to use this. These requirements include, for example, the protection of customer privacy, the security of personal information and credit as well as a perfect user experience.

this means, that the site uses the latest available technology on the market. In this way, users can be sure 1xBet, that not only their personal data, but also their credit at 1xBet is safe.


Schlitz 1xBet Live-Casino

A smooth weather experience with 1xBet is also guaranteed. In addition, the company is based in Gibraltar, where the largest and most respected bookmakers have their homes. All this makes 1xBet the leading and leading online sports betting company. Russian Bookies customers can therefore sleep well, when it comes to their data and money.


but what is more important in choosing the right provider? This article describes the main selection criteria


The conclusion is very mixed with 1xBet. Overall, one can say, that the Russian city is a young sports betting company, of much learning. In the Russian market 1xBet belongs with more than 1.000 Betting shops to the established sports betting providers. The retailer is known, however, that international experiences are not yet available.


The betting line is very positive. Not only all popular sports such as football, Tennis and horse racing are represented, but also smaller sports such as snooker and surfing. In addition, the types of bets, available per game, with more than 300 different variants impressive.

In the case of live betting and live streaming to 1xBet really does not have to hide from the competition and can compete especially on weekends with top providers.

In mobile betting, however, a strong disadvantage shows. It is more than recommended, that 1xBet offering a mobile version of its website and to download,. Parts of the application are, however, available and completely banned only in Russian.

This is not only frustrating for the user, but also seems very doubtful. Plus points here are different functions, of deposits and withdrawals on betting shipments to the management of personal data, everything is possible.


The A- and withdrawal methods are very different at first glance. For German customers, however, a total of 12 Payment methods available. The lack of PayPal is a big minus, since these payment services play a very important role.

However, the plus is, the existence- and withdrawals with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Steam are possible. Here is an absolute pioneer 1xBet, which must be necessarily mentioned. Here other users can cut a thick piece. In addition, no charge for deposit or withdrawal is necessary for 1xBet. 1xBet is great!

Positive are also new customers bonuses and promotions available for existing customers. Bonus conditions in absolute little. A rarity is the fact, that single bets do not contribute, Bonus conditions to meet. No, combined bets must be used instead. However, the minimum charge is only three times, even the minimum standard is

1XBET coupon

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